Living in a digitalised culture and industry, I enjoy making my projects tangible when possible. I work on collaborative and solo print publications of photography, poetry and artwork. I enjoy sequencing, curating, designing and working with text with image within my book projects. Throughout university, I learnt several zine and book-making techniques that I still put into practise. In addition, I professionally print my books for larger quantities, such as the Grrrlizm zine.


Grrrlizm Zine issue one: Womanhood

The Grrrlizm Zine is a print publication featuring artwork and writing by creative grrrlz, centred around the female experience. I’m the editor of the A5 zine, which included 40 female artists and 8 writers. Themes include: the suffragettes, catcalling, contraception, the female gaze, sexuality, reclaim the night.


Water Me

‘Water Me’ is a poetry book that I wrote and designed, with themes of empowerment, heritage, art, love, assault, death and womanhood. It is an adaption of a photography and poetry book that I created at university, but with less images, more poetry and a different curatorial concept. The book is divided into four chapters: Washing in my truth, pouring out my pain, Bathing in his depth and Drinking from our fountain. The perfect-bound book, with 80 pages, will be released online in 2019 {please visit my ‘Shop’ page to purchase}.

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Grrrlizm Zine issue two: Other

The Grrrlizm Zine is a print publication featuring artwork and writing by creative grrrlz, this issue is centred around the experience of being an outsider or Otherised by society. Issue two will launch in 2019.

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Grrrlz Guide: How to begin your creative career

Grrrlz Guide is an A6 perfect bound book with tips and advice on how to begin a creative career, from portfolio presentation to how to run an event without funding. This book will launch online in January 2019.

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The Female Gaze

A photographic print publication featuring images and essays by women photographers. This publication will be launched in March 2019 within an event/exhibition.